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Nite of a 1,000 Slutty Bass Players – My Slutty Valentine at The Echo

A week ago Saturday, we celebrated the birth of one of the greatest men in the history of music – Cliff Burton. Like most, I usually spend the day in both quiet reflection of “what if” and in joyful bliss … Continue reading

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Farewell Runyon Canyon Honor Cooler

For nearly two decades, Runyon Canyon hikers and dog walkers could count on grabbing a bottle of water or a snack at a stand located right by the park’s entrance at the Fuller Avenue gate. Ran completely on the honor … Continue reading

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It’s Not You, it’s Capitalism. “Economics of Suffering: Part IV” by Linda Sibio

It’s not often that you get a press release that so completely connects your main interests – wealth disparities and crafts – but I’ll be damned if that didn’t happen. Her name is Linda Sibio, her work is “Economics of … Continue reading

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Sarah Squirm at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery – Belated Live Review

I’ve had many opportunities to meet Saturday Night Live cast members. Chatted with Dan Ackroyd about roller derby at the Velvet Margarita. Listened to Chevy Chase try to impress his kids by pointing out filming locations for “Fletch” while I was escorting … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Changed” by Tom Cantor

If you got an unsolicited copy of the book “Changed” by Tom Cantor in the mail, you are not alone. Many months ago this 85-page, 31-chapter, exclamation mark intensive, large print autobiography of “One Man’s Journey from Lost to Defiled … Continue reading

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HIRAX at the Poor Kids Mansion with Ghoul and Cancer Christ – Live Review

Nothing says spring has sprung in Los Angeles like going to an outdoor show at the Poor Kids Mansion in Lincoln Heights. The freezing nights and the rain have given way to let some people who REALLY love music to … Continue reading

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The Empire Strips Back – Adventures in Hollywood Continue

Buckle in kids, because the road to “The Empire Strips Back” started a long time ago. 1977 to be exact when my family packed up the Oldsmobile and headed west on I-10 for a vacation in California. This was a … Continue reading

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Jared James Nichols at The Peppermint – Live Review

I first saw Jared James Nichols at the Down and Out in 2012. He played a show with Prima Donna and The Hangmen. Talk about a killer show! Prima Donna and The Hangmen are a couple of my all-time favorite … Continue reading

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Ain’t No Party Like a Socialist Party! The Stripper Strike NoHo’s Yuletide Union Fundraiser

“Be happy. Be well.” Those are a couple of the last lines of the 1979 movie “Norma Rae” and they were delivered by a union organizer to the title character after they work together to unionize a textile factory in … Continue reading

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Bound for Hell – The Most Aptly Named Record Of The Sunset Strip

The Sunset Strip always seemed like such a mysterious place to me. I heard about it, read about it, saw pictures of it, but that was far from experiencing it. I was no stranger to bar hopping but my main … Continue reading

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