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It’s Time for the 2018 Festival of Books—Right Now

In what has become the largest literary festival in America, The LA Times’ Festival of Books returns to the expansive campus of USC this weekend. On Saturday and Sunday, April 21st and 22nd, over 500 writers, chefs, artists and exhibitors … Continue reading

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“Kat Kramer’s Films That Change the World” Presents Atomic Cinema Festival

“Atomic Cinema Fest”, is part of the International Uranium Film Festival, and was a one day film festival presented by “Kat Kramer’s Films That Change the World”, held at Raleigh Studios to bring movies and documentaries dedicated to educating people on the risks … Continue reading

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The Stars Come Out To Shine at Skylight Theatre Company’s Salute to Ed Asner

“Tonight I feel like I’ve been reborn, because through the many things that you have said, the memories that you have shared tonight, I feel like I have come to know myself all over again!”- Ed Asner, addressing the audience … Continue reading

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Skylight Theatre Salutes Ed Asner with Special Birthday Celebration

“I am both touched and flattered that the Skylight Theatre Company has chosen to honor me this Sunday, November 1st, at their 2015 Salute and Fundraiser. I am very fortunate to have had a long and wonderful career as an … Continue reading

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‘A Man and His Prostate’ Debuts at The Malibu Playhouse on July 11th

Veteran television writer Ed. Weinberger will be making his theatrical debut with his new comedic play ‘A Man and His Prostate’ on Saturday, July 11th, 7 pm at The Malibu Playhouse.  The play will also include a brief Q & … Continue reading

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Ed Asner: An Artist of Acquired and Illustrious Acting Skill, Activism, Altruism, and Abundantly Avuncular Appeal!

I approach the mid-sized, one level house in the Valley with decided anticipation. To the left of the door a small sign reads, “Forget the dog, Beware the Owner!”  The housekeeper answers the bell in welcoming fashion. Framed photos of awards … Continue reading

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Not-So-Average-Joe Estevez: A Life of Show, Cinema, Superbness, Skill, Spirituality and Service

Joe Estevez:  Actor, Writer, Producer, TV Show Host, Jack-of-all-Trades (well, Renaissance Man really) and most prolifically steady actor in town.  Having lived in the same neighborhood of Franklin Village for years, the two of us have come to know each … Continue reading

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