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David Garfield Defies Genres and Brings His Music to Bogie’s

When David Garfield moved to Los Angeles in 1974, he wanted to make music his way. These days, he’s making a lot of music, with people like George Benson, Smokey Robinson, Boz Skaggs and many others. He has also had … Continue reading

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Bluespower Brings a Synthesis of Blues, Rock, Funk and R&B to SoCal’s Music Scene

Bluespower is a recent collaboration of local musician/music teacher/music store owner Kenny “Big Daddy” Williams and Gregory Michael, who left Cincinnati several years ago to bring his Gospel-influenced music background to Southern California. Kenny “Big Daddy” Williams most recently co-fronted … Continue reading

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Music Review: Rat Soup, Hot and Brassy, Cool and Sassy

If I have to stand at another bar and listen to one more insipid conversation about ‘Who’s gonna carry on the tradition of Rock and Roll?’ or ‘Who’s gonna replace ______________ (fill in whatever band name the annoying loud mouth … Continue reading

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