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‘Bedlam’ – Monday, April 13 on PBS SoCal

Is a time of isolation, of self-confinement – of keeping even family and friends at a distance beyond breath and touch – the right moment to ask viewers of PBS SoCal’s ‘Independent Lens’ series to take a troubling journey through the … Continue reading

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Gurf Morlix – Sunday April 28 at McCabes on Pico

You have to wonder just how much better Gurf Morlix can keep on getting. After moving from Buffalo, New York to Texas at 24 years old to play with the legendary songwriter Blaze Foley, Morlix spent the next 11 years … Continue reading

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Theater: Too Much Sun by Nicky Silver. Through April 28 at the Odyssey.

  For those who are fortunate, a family in chaos still functions as a family. And all of the turmoil that travails them (whether comedic or caustic, merely fantasized or fully realized) is balanced against a certainty of love. One … Continue reading

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Talking About the Beatles! Friday August 3, at McCabe’s in Santa Monica

Every great city has its legendary music venues. Every great city has its history of legendary musical events. And every once in awhile a city, a venue and a collection of talented artists come together to make certain words like … Continue reading

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“Robert Shaw: Man of Many Voices” to Screen at Newport Beach Film Festival April 25 and 27

In 1994, at the 65th Annual Academy Awards presentation, upon receiving the Oscar for the Best Song, “Streets of Philadelphia,” Bruce Springsteen delivered the finest acceptance speech that event has ever experienced: ‘You do your best work, and you hope … Continue reading

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“Projections of America” Premieres at International Film Festival North Hollywood

As with the best films about filmmaking and filmmakers the pleasures of “Projections of America”, Peter Miller’s wonderful addition to what is becoming one of the preeminent bodies of work in current documentary cinema, are multi-layered. And as the narrative … Continue reading

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Gurf Morlix Debuts His New Album ‘Eatin’ At Me’ Tonight at McCabe’s

A new album from Gurf Morlix is always a challenge. I never know if I’m going to like the writing, the playing, the singing or the sound design/recording best. Listening to Gurf’s newest release, Eatin’ At Me, the past couple … Continue reading

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Syd Straw: Saturday, April 11 (Yes, Tonight) at McCabe’s in Santa Monica

There is probably no artist I have found out the next morning had done a show that I would have made but missed the night before more often than the talented, the wonderful and the of late east coast domiciled, … Continue reading

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Martha Davis – Motels, Jazz and Two LA Shows in One Great Week

Some artists hit your radar like a meteor and just as quickly veer off into the void. Others craft ‘hits’ that become mainstays of media and memory, and so remain, ever fixated, tied to a time and place, maybe even … Continue reading

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The Dream Syndicate at The Echoplex Saturday 11/22 – Language, Logic and Punk

So here we are, over halfway through November. Less than six weeks left in 2014. With the looming arrival of Hanukkah and Christmas, perhaps some druid ceremony or another, or simply the turning of the last page on the calendar … Continue reading

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