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Sweet Talk—Days of Captain Chaos, Whistling Belly Buttons, and Litter Bugs

Halloween is not only a time for candy and celebrations, but it’s also a time to express yourself. Or, if you’re a kid, a time for your mom to express herself. This Halloween, I pay tribute to the Ghosts of … Continue reading

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Sweet Talk—Holy Trick-or-Treat, Batman!

It’s hard to believe it’s October already, and that we’re cruising into the holiday season. It seems like just yesterday when it was summer with clear blue skies and blistering temperatures around 100. Oh, wait—that would describe today. For those … Continue reading

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Sweet Talk—Trick or Treat! Give Me Something Good to Eat!

Gather round, boys and ghouls, while I share a scary story. There was a dark time in days of yore when nobody gave out Halloween candy. Shocking, but true. Before the 1950s, Americans typically celebrated Halloween by hosting parties with … Continue reading

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SWEET TALK: Celebrating the Days of “Legalized Blackmail”

No matter where I’ve moved over the years in the Los Angeles area, one trend has remained constant: fewer and fewer kids knocking on my door and yelling, “Trick or treat!” on Halloween night. Over the last three years, not … Continue reading

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