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Eclectic Company Theatre’s “Timeshare”: An Evening with which you Will Not Mind Sharing any of Your Own, Whether or Not you Opt for the Nonexistent Flat Screen TV Thereafter!

Letters offering glam vacation spots to you and your mate whether you are mated or not: We’ve all received them.  Like a communiqué inquiring as to whether or not one might be so inclined as to join a secret society … Continue reading

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The Eclectic Company Theatre’s “Curious Conversations: 8 Plays Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ & ‘Through the Looking Glass’”: Inspires Psychedelic Escapades and Tweedle Fun!

When we think of parallel universes, so often we muse upon existences wherein Pauley Shore is president of the United States rather than Barack Obama (Bud-dy!).  A reality wherein Elvis Presley, did NOT fake his own death, as in another … Continue reading

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