Get Your Tickets to Tacolandia Before they Sell Out!

Tacolandia 2016“…here at LA Weekly’s Tacolandia is where your [taco] dreams come true.” – Bill Esparza

This year, L.A. Weekly will present the fourth annual Tacolandia on Saturday, June 11 from 3 to 7 p.m. at El Pueblo de Los Angeles in DTLA. Tacolandia sells out early every year, so don’t miss out! Buy your tickets here. The event will feature more than 100 top taco vendors curated by the World’s First Tacorazzo, Bill Esparza. Taco vendors will primarily be local, but there will also be representatives from Mexico, San Diego and Orange County.

Enjoy lamb tacos from Aqui es Texcoco and fried shrimp tacos from Mariscos Jalisco, as well as a million* other tacos from the likes of B.S. Taqueria, Cacao Mexicatessen, Chef Katsuji Tanabe, Tacos Guisados, Cielito Lindo, Coni’Seafood, Corazon y Miel, Dia de los Puercos, Guerrilla Tacos, El Coraloense, Loteria Grill, Mexicali Taco Co., Petty Cash Taqueria, and Tortas Ahogadas.

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Offbeat L.A.: Cast Me in Your Next Film! Actor Dennis Woodruff, A Hollywood Legend and His Tricked Out Cars

Dennis Woodruff with one of his fabulous art cars. Photo by Harrod Blank at

Dennis Woodruff with one of his fabulous art cars. Photo by Harrod Blank at

Dennis Woodruff stands atop one of his fabulous art cars. Photo by Harrod Blank at

Dennis Woodruff stands atop one of his fabulous art cars. Photo by Harrod Blank at

Los Angeles has long had a reputation as a center for oddballs. The longstanding east coast joke about tipping the country and all the weirdos falling to the “Left Coast” is thankfully not entirely untrue. The weirdos are our blessings; our sparks of originality and creativity… the artists, the innovators. Being labeled as a weirdo is a high complement. Arriving from the east coast in 1989, I was struck with the differences of this sunny new city of mine. The characters here were so bright, conspicuous and well, shiny. I was baptized with the pink splendor of Angelyne and the odd Venice Beach guitar playing, roller skater Harry Perry. The super cool art cars of actor Dennis Woodruff were amazing to me, publicizing his acting talent in the grandest and most creative way, by driving around the city in what essentially were moving billboards. Continue reading

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Iggy Pop and Josh Homme at the Greek Theatre 04-28-2016

Iggy Pop no longer plays with “The Stooges” after the loss of both of the Asheton brothers. He was backed up at The Greek by members of the Arctic Monkeys and Queens of the Stone Age (Iggy recently recorded an album called “Post Pop Depression” with Josh Homme of the QOTSA). Iggy discussed his partnership with Homme during a recent Grammy Museum interview, “I was looking for something I could sing with and express myself through — and there was space in all the music…[Their songs] made me a little bit moody. They made me a little bit lonesome. It was excellent music and it was the craft.”

The setlist at The Greek was mostly comprised of songs from “Post Pop Depression,” “Lust For Life” and “The Idiot, his solo records. He did not play any Stooges tunes. Musician Dave Arnson raves, “And he played ‘Repo Man’ !! He and his band TOTALLY BROUGHT IT!!! VIVA the ever-dancin’ and very leathery IGGY POP!

For a thorough review with beautiful lines like, “with Homme’s guitar swooping in ominously like a vulture,” check out Falling James in the LA Weekly.

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Save Music in Chinatown May 8 with Saccharine Trust, Mike Watt and the Secondmen and More!

Save music in Chinatown

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watt’s picture of the week – friday, april 29, 2016


in my pedro town we got some public art at our los angeles police department’s harbor division and I’m kind of wondering what’s it all about… I do know our harbor division cars w/trunks got 05 painted on those trunks – don’t know about these newer suv ones though (no trunks)…

photo by mike watt

– – – – –
mike watt’s hoot page

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Mr. T’s Bowl in Highland Park Reopens (for Actual Bowling!)

DSC02858If you attended shows at Mr. T’s Bowl in Highland Park in the 90’s, get ready to have your mind blown.  It smells good!  There is light enough to see! You can bowl there again!

Honestly, you wouldn’t recognize the place.  The 1933 Group, responsible for such venues as Harlowe in West Hollywood, Thirsty Crow in Silver Lake, Bigfoot Lodge in Atwater and a slew of others, have spent time and money in the renovation, and it shows. First and foremost the bowling lanes are back, spanning the width of the long but narrow 1927 alley. The lanes are all working now and instantly transport you to the sport as it was then – shorter lanes relative to what you may be used to in modern alleys and primitive tracks that bring your ball back so quickly you barely have time to take another sip of your drink.

There are plenty of tables in every corner of the room for those who would rather sit the game out, two ornate bars, and beautiful light fixtures throughout.  A stately mural that runs the width of the room was uncovered during the renovation, depicting the area’s scenery during the Arts & Crafts Movement.  The room is long enough that the mural seems far away, but its presence is felt from most everywhere.

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Welcome to BritWeek in LA!


The Gabba Gallery held an opening ceremony for their BritWeek show titled “Royal Curation” last Saturday. Four rooms curated by different LA Art Stars. Jim Daichendt, Mat Gleason, Isabel Rojas-Williams, and Cindy Schwarzstein each curated. Britweek is a communal art event showcasing LA artists who are either influenced by or are themselves a part of the British culture. The set pieces range from indulgences in music to pop culture and folklore.

The show features artists like Dr Paul Koudounaris (kitty piece), Lisa Derrick (architect), and Robbie Conal. Special kudos to Teal Hathaway for his Sex Pistols piece that just knocked my eyes out. Brit Week continues through May 16th.

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Movies Till Dawn: Science Fiction Double Feature (+5)

12 a.m. – “Gog” – Science Fiction

product_2999(1953, Kino Lorber) Who – or what – is killing scientists at a desert government laboratory? Square-jawed government agent Richard Egan and well-coiffured partner Constance Dowling discover that enemy sabotage has turned NOVAC, the facility’s super-computer, against its human controllers, whom it dispatches with the aid of its multi-armed, torch-toting robots, Gog and Magog. Directed and edited by Herbert L. Strock (“I Was a Teenage Frankenstein”), “Gog” hews towards the “Popular Mechanics” school of screen science fiction, which emphasized technological advances over adventure; as such, its no-nonsense plot and characters and lengthy breaks in action to explain its array of hardware (provided by the Honeywell Corporation) might seem talky and static for casual viewers. But the final third, where Gog and Magog kick their robotic directives to the curb and menace the surviving cast members, has its tense moments, and the presence of capable players like Egan, Dowling and Herbert Marshall underscore the serious tone sought by producer/co-writer Ivan Tors (who went on to create “Flipper” and marry Dowling). “Gog” was one of the last ‘50s-era films to be shot in 3-D, but technical problems resulted in most theaters screening the 2-D version. Both the 2-D and long-lost 3-D versions (which requires a 3-D set to view) are included on the Kino Blu-ray, along with informative commentary by genre expert Tom Weaver; he’s joined by 3-D archivist Bob Furmanek, who discovered the 3-D print, and film score scholar David Schecter. There’s also an interview with Strock, recorded shortly before his death in 2003, in which he discusses the challenges he faced in directing a 3-D movie with monocular vision; trailers for “Gog” and other 3-D titles in Kino’s library, including “The Mask” and “The Bubble,” round out the disc. The exteriors of the lab were shot in Victorville.

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“Projections of America” Premieres at International Film Festival North Hollywood

projectionsAs with the best films about filmmaking and filmmakers the pleasures of “Projections of America”, Peter Miller’s wonderful addition to what is becoming one of the preeminent bodies of work in current documentary cinema, are multi-layered. And as the narrative of this profoundly moving film unfolds it is difficult to sort out whether the wonderment is more from the story itself, the beauty with which it is told or the drama and suffering of the world war within which it takes place. Each facet plays a part. Each part is compelling enough to carry a film outright. And, taken together, producer/director Miller and his collaborators, director of photography Antonio Rossi and editor Amy Linton have offered up a tender glimpse into the creation of a little known yet passionate collection of short films from one of the great names in American cinema. An undertaking that still speaks to us about what we could be, some 70 years on.

Projections-2“Projections of America” is the story of Academy Award winning (‘It Happened One
Night’) screenwriter Robert Riskin’s work on behalf of the Office of War Information during World War II. The OWI was charged with producing a series of documentary films (26 were completed), which would be used to ‘project’ a positive image of America and Americans onto theater screens around the world. Riskin was asked to head up this project and he brought with him some of the very best talent Hollywood had produced through the 1930’s and 40’s.

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43rd Annual Daytime Emmy Award Presenters Announced: To Feature Larry King, Toni Tennille, Anson Williams and a Host of Others (who may even Double as Hosts)!

Dawn Wells; Photo Courtesy of BHBPR

Dawn Wells; Photo Courtesy of BHBPR

The weekend of April 29th Actors, Actresses, Culinary Experts, Game Show Hosts, Sports Casters and even Larry King and Chris Harrison of “Bachelor” fame will be traversing from near and far for two special evenings highlighting this year’s superlative achievements in television programming betwixt the hours of 2 am and 6 pm in honor of the 43rd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

Broadcast this year in most contemporary, cutting edge, and enterprising fashion, both the Daytime Creative Emmy Awards and the Daytime Emmy Awards occurring on the evenings of April 29th and May 1st respectively, will be televised by way of live stream from the Bonaventure Hotel via Periscope/Parachute TV (  Fan access Continue reading

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