Half-Price Tickets for Saturday’s Burgers & Beer! Flash Sale!

National Hamburger Day 2In honor of National Hamburger Day on Thursday, the LA Weekly is offering half-price tickets for my favorite event, “Burgers & Beer,” starting now! The sale ends  Thursday at 11:59pm.

General admission tickets can be purchased for only $45. It is an incredible deal, as it gives you unlimited access to all of the burgers you can eat and all of the beer you can drink from over 35 burger restaurants, and over 45 breweries!

While you sample sliders from restaurants like Alexander’s Steakhouse, Barrel & Ashes, Belcampo Meat Co., Button Mash, Haché LA, Terrine, The Counter, and Vaka Burger, you can enjoy live music curated by Silverlake’s Spaceland Productions and browse the artisanal vendor village.

Tickets can be purchased here.

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Queer LA: Dre, Sandra and Sam at La Cuevita’s Sunday Service

Dre Herrera of Spatiotemporal (food), Sandra Rosales, Sunday Service co-promoter and Sam Cohen, Sunday Service club goer

All images by Judy Ornelas Sisneros. All rights reserved.

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Carney’s: Hamburger vs. Hot Dog

Carney’s is that restaurant in a train car. Chili hot dogs and Burgers. Never tried an hamburger there until today. It was good, but I think the hot dog won the taste test.

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Bill Stevenson Talks About The Descendents’ New Album

BillStevensonbyChrisSharyInterview by Andy Nystrom. Photo by Chris Shary. Originally posted on There’s Something Hard In There .

I heard through the punk-rock grapevine that the Descendents would be playing a gig one early evening in the summer of 1981. Not at a club, but at the beach. You gotta go where the music takes you and I wanted to check these guys out for the first time.

So I cruised on my skateboard from my Redondo Beach home along the Strand into Manhattan Beach, and there they were, blasting away in someone’s front yard to a small gathering of people with the sand nearby and the surf in the distance. Some folks were bobbing their heads in approval while some passersby were scratching their noggins, wondering what the hell was happening. Thanks to a member of a Mira Costa High sports team for hosting this end-of-year party. Epic stuff.

After their set, I passed drummer Bill Stevenson as we walked along the sand. I tossed him a nod and he shook his head back at me.
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Random LA: That Bladerunner Look


Hollywood in smoke from the Santa Clarita fire. “It’s too bad she won’t live, but then again who does?”

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New Slash! Magazine Book by Hat & Beard Press


Hat & Beard Press held an opening night reception in Hollywood last night to celebrate the release of the collection, “Slash: A Punk Magazine from Los Angeles, 1977-80.” The new book includes every cover of the magazine’s 29-issue run, as well as new essays and stories by Exene Cervenka, KK Barrett, Gary Panter, Vivien Goldman and many more. Copies of the book were available at the event for $10 off the regular $60 price, and came with a reprint of the very first issue, which declared:

“Enough is enough, partner! About time we squeezed the pus out and sent the filthy rich old farts of rock ’n’ roll to retirement homes in Florida where they belong.”

The event space on Fountain Avenue was sweltering, but the exhibit was visually pleasing with its displayed original Slash! pages hanging from the ceiling by yellow straps, as well as projections from the new book on the brick walls. I enjoyed reading a Fear interview that mentioned mocking Scientologists onstage, while standing just a couple doors down from one of their enormous “churches.”

More photos after the jump

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John Doe Discusses his New Book at Book Soup Sunday, July 24


John Doe’s book, “Under the Big Black Sun, A Personal History of L.A. Punk,” was published in late April and he continues to make the rounds promoting it, including an appearance at Book Soup tomorrow from 4-6pm. In the vein of punk rock oral histories like “Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk” by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain, and LA-centric books like “Make the Music Go Bang: The Early L.A. Punk Scene” by Don Snowden, Doe and co-author Tom DeSavia take on the beginnings of the LA scene with a bit of a twist, acting as curator of stories by friends who were there – luminaries such as Jane Wiedlin, El Vez, Dave Alvin and of course Exene Cervenka (plus many others).

The book is a quick but fascinating read, as all storytellers have their own unique perspective of the years 1977-1982 in the LA music scene. However, one common thread in the stories is that the DIY spirit was palpable among participants, that it felt like a family (both musicians and fans), and that the beginning of the end was the “bro” element from the hardcore scene coming in and changing the show environment. A highly recommended read and of course John Doe will bring his own funny and eloquent stories to Book Soup as he discusses and signs. Bonus – Jane Wiedlin, current DTLA denizen, will also appear.

For more info, check the event page.

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Movie Review: Wiener-Dog

“Wiener Dog” is a movie about a sweet-faced, open-hearted dachshund who weaves her charming way through the lives of people at four different stages of life, all of whom treat her with love and affection, which she returns unconditionally.

Well, sort of.

Being that she’s not only a dog, but a dog in a Todd Solondz movie, she’s prone to acting capriciously, occasionally suffering greatly for her bad choices, gratefully accepting the love she receives even when it’s misguided or when its good intentions cause unintended harm. As she continues to be pushed along by fate that is often cruel, she also finds the occasional moment of transcendent joy.

Of course the same can be said of the humans. Continue reading

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Book-Ness with K.P.-Ness: Another Bullshit Night in Suck City

Bullshit Night coverWe all need to create the story that will make sense of our lives.” – “Another Bullshit Night in Suck City,” by Nick Flynn

I will often choose a book based on the title or the dedication alone. With this title it was love at first sight. As far as the dedication goes, or what Nick Flynn calls the disclaimer; The last line reads: “The names of those who may have transgressed the law have also been altered, except for the name of my father, who has done his time and is proud of it.”

Originally published in 2004, “Another Bullshit Night” is about Nick, a poet, and his father who’s been absent for all of Nicks 20+ years. When his father becomes a resident at the homeless shelter where Nick works, he tries to make sense of their relationship as all their similarities and differences come into focus.

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Robert Williams at Home

Robert Williams (All photos by Tequila Mockingbird for The LA Beat)

Robert Williams (All photos by Tequila Mockingbird for The LA Beat)

Saturday night, Robert Williams will be hosting his Vault Event at Resident LA to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Van’s shoes. They will be unveiling shoes with Williams’ designs. In addition, OFF! and Meatbodies will be performing live. You may recall OFF!’s lead singer Keith Morris in his infamous Vans commercial. Unfortunately, the event is sold out, but we visited Robert Williams at home this week to get a peek at his private art collection, including a guitar he designed.

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