Yum-Yum Gimme Some: New iOS App FOODIE SHARES Launches for West Side

Salmon power lunch app picSo, what’s your culinary trip, exactly?

We’ve all been there: you want to dine as a group, but you’re doing Paleo, he’s (oy) gluten-sensitive, she’s low-sodium vegan, that one’s lactose-intolerant (oy gevalt) and this one is 100% raw—please. Can’t we just get along? Now we can, and it means that people with differing menus can share more at the table than a tepid glass of bottled water.

Thanks to Foodie Shares, a new iOS app which has just launched (March 5, 2015) in Los Angeles, residents of Santa Monica, Venice, Marina del Rey, Culver City, West Los Angeles, Pacific Palisades and Brentwood, can source a vast assortment of dishes on demand from home-based chefs who are highly specialized in particular types of cuisine and diets.

According to George Mathew, Co-Founder and CEO of Foodie Shares, “I developed the app at the request of my wife Serelyn, a former professional chef who now cooks at home. She once asked, ‘Why don’t you create an app so I can share my food?’ and thus the concept of Foodie Shares was born. Now Serelyn often shares her creations for free with her Foodie Shares followers when she cooks or bakes.”

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LA Weekly Essentials this Sunday in DTLA

Rocio's Squash Blossom Empanadas

Rocio’s Squash Blossom Empanadas

This Sunday, March 8th, from 2pm–5pm, the LA Weekly presents “The Essentials” at the California Market Center in DTLA. Tastes will be provided by the 99 Los Angeles  restaurants selected for the annual Essentials issue.

Participating restaurants include LA Beat favorites  Animal, Plan Check, Cacao Mexicatessen, Providence, Father’s Office, Lukshon, Mozza, Sqirl, Guisados, Mariscos Jaliscos, Hungry Cat, Petit Trois, ink., Din Tai Fung, and Park’s BBQ. One of our favorite aspects of Essentials is the inclusion of smaller, neighborhood and international restaurants like Buna Ethiopian Market, Jitlada Southern Thai, Rocio’s Mole de los Dioses, Bludso’s, Beverly Soon Tofu, and Pa-Ord Noodle.

Classics are well-represented by Angeli Osteria, as well as Lucques, Langer’s Deli, Musso and Frank’s, Melisse, and Phillipe the Original. Not to mention the recent James Beard award-winning Guelaguetza, Ari Taymor’s Alma, which was named “Best New Restaurant in America 2013 “ by Bon Appetit, truck pioneer Kogi BBQ, and the toughest reservation in town, Curtis Stone’s 7-table restaurant, Maude.

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Bacari PDR Brings Tapas to Brunch

Bacari PDR Shakshouka

Bacari PDR in Playa del Rey has been wowing the denizens of the small beachside community for the last six months with their innovative tapas and impressive wine list. The cozy restaurant has just launched a weekend brunch menu of Chef Lior’s signature “cicchetti,” or tapas-style small plates. You can order three dishes for $19, which is just about right for one person. You can also order individual plates for $7 each.

There are a few healthy kale dishes, a tofu scramble and a vegan Chai Tea Custard with chia seeds, almond milk, coconut milk, and macerated berries. You can also try granola with fruit and yogurt or a make-your-own omelette. That is where the typical breakfast fare ends. Prepare yourself for something truly unique. From the first bite, your palate is overwhelmed by complex, yet well-balanced flavors. You naturally assume you have chosen to start with the best dish in the house, but each plate outdoes the last.

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Cathy Rigby Soars in Seussical the Musical at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center

Image courtesy of 3D Theatricals

Image courtesy of 3D Theatricals

3D Theatricals is presenting Seussical the Musical for one week only at The Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center. The production is directed and choreographed by David Engel and stars gymnast and former Peter Pan, Cathy Rigby, reprising her role as Cat in the Hat. This is the first time that the original Broadway show has been resurrected. When the show went on the road, much of the dialogue was changed, and “The Cat in the Hat Song” was cut. The musical has now been restored.

From the moment the surprisingly sexy animals prance into the jungle doing the pony, we follow the story of Horton and the Whos. Throughout the musical, the audience is transported between Horton’s world and the miniscule planet of Who, where we meet little JoJo. The ingenious use of a giant semi-transparent flat even allows us to occasionally watch both realities simultaneously. The storyline faithfully follows the narrative of “Horton Hears a Who,” while weaving in bits of other tales like “The Cat in the Hat,” “Green Eggs and Ham,” “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “Horton Hatches the Egg.” Sadly, the fox in socks is a no-show and absolutely no one hops on pop.

The set is simple, with the scene being established with props, lighting and imaginative choreography. There are some mesmerizing visuals and hilarious physical comedy. In particular, the “Follow Your Hunch” number is magical. We won’t spoil all of the surprises, but be aware that there is a “splash zone.”

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Scotch Rocks: BrewDog Punk IPA

Punk IPA
In a series of articles, John Scott explores some Scottish beers, and pairs them with classic Scottish music.

Scotland is arguably the producer of the world’s finest whiskey. Wait: let’s start again.

Scotland is unarguably the producer of the world’s finest whisky (note lack of ‘e’ there). Given that whisky is basically distilled beer, it should be no surprise that Scotland’s craft beers are also emerging as world beaters.

Brewdog, based in the North East of Scotland are leading the Caledonian craft beer charge. From its origins in 2007 as a tiny two-man business, the brewery became Britain’s fastest growing food and drink manufacturer. Along with a state of the art brewing facility, Brewdog now own 25 bars in cities across the globe, including one in Brazil.

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Southland Tales: Love Thy Neighbor

Photo by Michael Essington

Photo by Michael Essington

When I was a kid, somewhere in the early to mid-1970’s, there was a show that came on everyday, a Christian show. People who were down on their luck would come on the show, tell their story, and people would call in to help.

I don’t remember a lot about it, though, I remember one show in particular. An older African-American man, probably late 70’s, came on and talked about saving money to buy his granddaughter a bicycle and someone broke into his home and took all his money and he could no longer afford to give her a Christmas gift. I remember him crying on the show. Then, within five minutes or so someone called in and said they owned a bike shop in his town and they would bring him a bicycle the next day.

Now I grew up lower middle class to poor, depending on who you ask, but we never needed anything. My mother could cook or make anything. She made most of our clothes in grade school, cut our hair and made everything from our food to shampoo and soap. She was pretty fuckin’ amazing.

Anyway, I watched this show and I guess I didn’t understand the stigma of being poor. I went into the living poor and asked my mom if I could go on the show. She looked a little startled and said, “Why?” I said, “You could go on this show and say you want a bike and someone will call and give you a bike.” She said, “There’s more to it, you have to tell the world you’re poor. We’re not.”

I still didn’t get the argument. A new bike, I’ll say I’m poor and Vietnamese if it’s a good bike. It wasn’t until later in life that I realized that being poor wasn’t something you wanted to announce to the world.

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Robert Williams’ Really Big Show

Robert Williams Lead Pic

I first met Robert Williams when we were part of the underground art community called the Zero One in the early 1980’s. He had always been a star in the Zap comic Book community, but his paintings were so much more than comics, so much bigger, more colorful, cruder, richer and funnier than all of the others. Even as his popularity grew, he remained a down home man

For the next two months, Williams’ show, “SLANG Aesthetics,” will be on exhibit at Barnsdall Art Park in conjunction with “20 Years Under the Influence of Juxtapoz,” which is curated by Andrew Hosner of Thinkspace Gary Pressman of Copro Gallery.

At the opening, the Gallery was stuffed full of folks. The movie, “Mr. Bitchen,” played to a packed house. People are always captivated by Williams’ comic book art gone wild. Robert said that the show was meant to be shown in New York, but the gallery closed at the last minute. Lucky for those of us at Barnsdall Art Park. Here we are, at a place where Robert first saw Salvador Dali. Now it is his turn.

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The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences to Honor Broadcast Television Visionary and Univision President & CEO Randy Falco at Trustee’s Award Gala

Photo Courtesy of NATAS

Photo Courtesy of NATAS

On February 18th 2015 The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) announced the next recipient for the acclaimed Board of Trustees’ Award to be distributed at the gala held in its honor on Thursday, June 4th in New York City.  The esteemed media executive in question:  Randy Falco; President and Chief Executive Officer of Univision Communications Inc. (UCI)

While Falco’s list of noted accomplishments are manifold, his most standout achievements include trademarking NBC as the ‘network of the Olympics’, initiating the merger between NBC-Universal after which he was named President of NBC-Universal Television in 2004, stepping in as acting Chairman and CEO of AOL from 2006-2009 while it rebranded itself Continue reading

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Santa Anita Park Hosts a BBQ Championship With a Side of Horse Racing

DSC_2892 Horses and Q. Photo courtesy of Fire It Up! Events

Nestled below the scenic, snow-capped (occasionally) San Gabriel Mountains, Santa Anita Park is one of the premiere sites for horse racing in the country. On Saturday, March 21st, it also becomes the location of the prestigious 4th Annual Winner’s Circle BBQ Championship, enabling the winner to attend two of the top invitational BBQ events in the world. Ben Lobenstein, BBQ aficionado and co-producer of the event, thinks Santa Anita is a perfect location for this tasteful day. “Santa Anita is one of the most amazing horse race tracks in the world”, Ben said. “It is a facility that was built in the ’30s, it is a very Art Deco style type of building. The insides of the grandstands have so many different amenities it’s unbelievable! They spent $100 million in the last year remodeling just a handful of areas inside the grandstand, including the Chandelier Room and other places that are very, very elegant. It looks like it is from an old Clark Gable movie, it is like WOW! The actual grounds that we are on is around six and a half acres of plush grass in the infield. The horses are racing around the barbeque competitors about every half hour starting at 12:30pm. Santa Anita has had the same announcer for years, the races are started with the traditional bugle to post. Two thousand horses are housed at Santa Anita on a regular day. It is one of the most unique venues on the BBQ circuit, hence we have people coming from seven states, including Maryland, Kansas, Missouri, Washington state and New York”, he added. Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: Shock All Night Marathon

12 am – “The Black Scorpion” – Science Fiction

51vfLusYO3L(1957, Warner Archives Collection) Volcanic eruptions south of the Border unleash a horde of gigantic, man-eating scorpions with designs upon Mexico City. This bantam-weight retread of Warner Bros’ previous big bug hit, “Them!” (1953), benefits hugely from the participation of special effects pioneer Willis O’Brien (“King Kong”) and Pete Peterson, who imbue their horde of monsters with unnerving energy and an almost fiendish glee in devouring the bit players (borne out by close-ups of the scorpions’ leering, drooling “faces”). The WAC DVD ports over great extras from the 2003 WB release, including Peterson’s test footage for two uncompleted projects, O’Brien’s dinosaur creations for Irwin Allen’s “The Animal World” and “Stop Motion Masters,” an affectionate tribute to O’Brien from Ray Harryhausen. Best of all, “The Black Scorpion” is presented in its original widescreen format. Continue reading

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