John Waters Live In Santa Monica 10/15/11

A father wants his baby to DIE FOR ART!

Written by Dan Clark

After 3 weeks of fighting the revolution in New York I arrive back to LA and find that John Waters will be appearing just blocks from my house at the Aero Theaters In Santa Monica, not only that, they will be screening my all-time favorite film Female Trouble. I thought it would be a perfect break before joining the folks down at OccupyLA to continue the peoples’ revolt.

A sign from the early days at Zuccotti Park

Funny too because I was thinking about Desperate Living a lot during those days at Occupy Wall Street. Those Banksters sure do act a lot like Queen Carlotta! I could hear them yelling down at us from their fancy offices “Hi Stupid, Hi Ugly,” and the way the mainstream media portrays us it’s not so far off, let’s hope we have the same successful result as those brave patriots of Mortville!

I arrive and see my friend Scott there selling John’s new book Role Models and he gives me the lowdown, Female Trouble>Interview>Book Signing>Serial Mom (what? no Terrapin Station?).  I put my flannel on a chair in the middle of the 4th row and gossiped with Scott for about a half an hour (Kim & Thurston, OMG!). We make plans for our sojourn to see the great Steel Panther on Monday and get ready for the movie to start. The crowd is completely insane, loud, excited, and somewhat obnoxious, and I was too! I hadn’t seen it on on the big screen since the Variety Arts Center in 1987 and hadn’t seen it at all for years.




People were insanely screaming and applauding each Dreamlander during the opening credits, as did I when the screen flashed Dedicated to Charles “Tex” Watson!  It was a pretty decent print and was really fun to see with a large, totally psychotic crowd of freaks (other than the few who must impress their friends by screaming every line before it is said on-screen). I must admit that the one thing I never noticed before was that there are really gross looking sores on Divine’s (Earl Peterson) weewee when he flashes it to Taffy before he pukes on her and she stabs him to death with a butcher knife that she pulls straight out of a mayonnaise jar. I realized then, that I must not have watched FT in the Flatscreen blu-ray era, only on crappy VHS… about a hundred times! Movie theaters are still the best, and I’m glad we still have a few real ones left.

As for the Interview and Q&A, I filmed it and have it here below in YouTube form (In 4 parts). The book signing took forever so I decided not to stay for the great Serial Mom, his best post-Polyester film, but I doubted that I’d discover sores or fungi on Kathleen Turner’s minge, but I’ll check the blu-ray just in case.

(See the Q&A after the jump)

John Waters Interview & Q&A (Playlist)

Part 1 of 4:

Part 2 of 4:

Part 3 of 4:

Part 4 of 4:

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  1. I remember that Variety Arts Theater showing! Fantastic piece, and congrats on being the first one to use the worde “minge’ on The Beat!

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