CD Review: The Babys-I’ll Have Some of That!

The Babys photographed in Chatsworth on 01/14/14.“The whole premise is to keep The Babys alive and have a good time doing it” observes Wally Stocker, original lead guitarist for the legendary British rock group The Babys.

With a string of classic, am rock radio-friendly hits like “Isn’t It Time” and “Every Time I Think of You” The Babys created some of that era’s most memorable “arena anthem” hits and had a jolly good time doing it.

Now, after an absence of just over three decades, the band’s original members Wally Stocker (on lead guitar) and drummer Tony Brock are set to return to doing what this band was famous for: creating well-crafted, catchy songs and delivering dynamic live performances. Furthermore, they have recruited new members whom they feel are more than up to the daunting task of filling some mighty big shoes to make the ‘magic’ happen once again for this band.

For many of their fans, the single most important “shoes” to fill are those left behind by the band’s charismatic singer and front man, John Waite. “No problem!” says Tony Brock, they have just the man for the job: John Bisaha.

Says Brock, beaming proudly at his band’s new singer, “John Bisaha is an incredible singer! When we held the auditions, we had singers who were literally lined up around the block to join the band. John was simply head and shoulders above the rest.” Bisaha joined The Babys at the band’s first ‘comeback’ performance, held last July.

Wally Stocker is no less thrilled with his brand new axe mate, Joey Sykes. Declares Stocker, “Joey Sykes is adding a whole new dimension to this band, with a style that works well and in tandem with myself!” Sykes has penned the band’s first single, “I See You There.” He has also enjoyed a long-standing publishing association with Warner/Chappell.

However, fans need not fear that the band is looking to change their sound from its original, winning formula. Says Stocker, “In recording this new album, [I’ll Have Some of That!] we discussed the fact that the songs must have the ‘flavor’ of what we were known for.”

Looking back at the making of this new album, Brock is sure they did precisely that…and more. Tony Brock: “By the time that we’d finished, I knew we had ‘the goods.’ It was just a magical process!”

In achieving that ‘flavor’ new lead singer John Bisaha was an essential ingredient. When I listened this week to an advanced copy of the album (official release date set for 6/24/14) the single greatest fear I had was that the band’s new singer possibly couldn’t cut muster. Happily, my fears were ungrounded. Bisaha manages the neat trick of evoking Waite’s unique sound, while introducing  a thrilling, personal touch that’s all his own. That he manages all this while simultaneously slapping out out some mean bass guitar was truly the icing on the cake…and I ate it right up, song after song.

Adding to Stocker and Brock’s delight is the fact that three of the band’s former members-John Waite, Jonathan Cain and Ricky Phillips-have given their former bandmates their full blessings and best wishes for success with the band’s new lineup. That lineup has already begun-starting last November-an extended slate of tour dates which will increase around the June 24th release of “I’ll Have Some of That!” Los Angeles area dates are soon to follow.

On a scale of one to five stars, I’m giving this one four stars, and looking forward to seeing The Babys bring their ‘magic’ to the Los Angeles concert stage. The sooner the better. When they do, I’ll definitely have some of that!”

Track Listing:

1. Every Side of You

2. All I Wanna Do

3. Sunrise & Goodbyes

4. After Midnight

5. I See You There

6. Grass Is Greener

7. These Days

8. Uncivil War

9. You Saved My Live

10. It’s a Gas

11. Stay the Night

12. I’ll Have Some of That!


Shirley Pena

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7 Responses to CD Review: The Babys-I’ll Have Some of That!

  1. Timmy says:

    I like The Babys a lot, but they have FOUR former members, including the founder And original keyboardist and second guitarist Mike Corby. He was a fantastic musician and presence. A bummer he couldn’t have been part of this.

    • Shirley Pena Shirley Pena says:

      Mike Corby-who was indeed a founder and original keyboardist and second guitarist-was called to a meeting with management on August 28 1978, and was asked to leave the band which he had formed with the late Adrian Millar. According to the band’s former lead singer John Waite (in a 2005 interview on Brisbane radio station 4KQ) Corby completely departed from the music scene altogether after he left The Babys.

      If I had been able to contact Mike Corby for his input for this review, then I would have welcomed hearing what he has to say about this band’s new lineup…plus anything else that Mike would have wanted to share with our readers.

      Timmy, if you know how to contact Mike Corby, I would be DELIGHTED if you would be so kind as to share that information. I would LOVE to interview him if he would agree to it. It would be nice to know that he-like the three former members whom I spoke with-also gives the band’s new lineup his blessings and best wishes for their success.

  2. Charles Dugan says:

    What happened to Not Ready To Say Goodbye? It doesn’t appear as a track on the new album.

    • Shirley Pena Shirley Pena says:

      Hi Charles,
      The Los Angeles Beat will be attending and covering The Baby’s official CD release party this wednesday in Burbank. While at the CD release party, we will make a point to ask the band why that song (“Not Ready To Say Goodbye”) was not included on their latest album. When the article is published we will include the band’s answer to your important question.

      THANKS for your question!

      Shirley Pena

    • Shirley Pena Shirley Pena says:

      Hello Charles,
      I got the answer to your question today from The Baby’s press folk. They want you to know that-In answer to your question-“Not Ready To Say Goodbye” is not on the album because it was already released separate on all stores digitally in November 2013. Hope that helps!

  3. Fred says:

    Just so you know Shirley, Michael Corby’s departure from the Babys in 1978 was extremely acrimonious. He had a personal Facebook page that he deactivated a few months ago in which he
    described in detail how he left the band, his attempt in 2007 or so to reach out to John Waite and the other members for a reunion of which Waite ignored. He doesn’t give his blessing at all, in fact, he said he holds ownership rights to the name, “The Babys”. I think after everything he has said he’s been through the years and living in Scotland, at this point, he just wants to let it go. Here is his Facebook fan appreciation link below that he approved of before he deactivated his personal page. His story is very sad and he feels betrayed by Stocker and Brock to this day.

    • Shirley Pena Shirley Pena says:

      Hi Fred,

      Thank you so much for the link and the updates to this sad affair. I wish I knew how to get in contact with Mike Corby, as I’d love to give him an opportunity to share with LA Beat readers his full story, with an update on what he’s currently up to in 2014. You are probably correct in your assumption that after all he’s been through, Mike just wants to let it go.

      I used to know John Waite, and of the many times he talked about his ex-bandmates, there was nothing but pure love in his voice and words for ALL of them….Mike included. I was unaware of a reunion attempt by Corby in 2007, and I’m so sorry that it didn’t work out.

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