The Buzzcocks Hit Los Angeles with New Songs From Their Forthcoming Album “The Way”


Tonight The Buzzcocks will be playing the historic Fonda for their only gig in LA proper before hitting Solana Beach at the Belly Up Tavern and for their final SoCal appearance at Bang Fest at The Observatory (3503 S. Harbor Blvd., Santa Ana, 92704) on Saturday. The Buzzcocks will be playing the festival along with artists like: X, Los Lobos, Dave Alvin & Phil Alvin, Wanda Jackson, The Knitters and Junior Brown. Afterwards they will embark on their European Tour to support the new album The Way. Yesterday, Sept. 16th, the first song from The WayIt’s Not You” can be heard by everyone via Sound Cloud.

The Pledge Music funded The Way will be officially released to the general public on Nov. 18th, and if you attend any of the SoCal shows you’ll get a taste of this new material long before the release date. “It’s Not You” is clearly a return to the smart and cleverly written material we all have come to love from The Buzzcocks. It’s clear from the way this song is being released that it’s not intended to be a nostalgia or vanity release. It’s clearly intended to continue the legacy of artist-driven written material that’s as culturally impactful as The Buzzcocks’ initial releases from their eight earlier offerings.

Be prepared to be entertained at any of their upcoming shows. The group will offer a consummate performance that is tight, as they are on target with the best from The Buzzcocks’ back catalogue. You’ll get Pete’s steady, meticulous drive and riveting vocals. Then there’s Steve Diggle’s blazing guitar work while he prowls the stage, which keeps the energy high and the experience equally intense. The Buzzcocks deliver a powerful stage show burning up the legendary hits. No matter which LA area show you attend this week, prepare to get your socks knocked off!

Billy Bennight

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