The Theme Of The 2015 Edwardian Ball Is “My Gorey Valentine!”

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Photo by Billy Bennight for the Los Angeles Beat

This year’s The Edwardian Ball theme is “My Gorey Valentine!” with a special performance of Edward Gorey’s “The Beastly Baby”. Rosin Coven and co-hosts Vau de Vire Society bring Edward Gorey’s story to life on stage with original music, theatrical choreography and narration. As always there will be an elegant blend of theatre, circus, live music, DJs, ballroom dancing, parlour games, steam machinery, aerial performances, obscure props, period technology, games, a fashion shows and an Edwardian inspired rooftop vendor Bazaar atop the Fonda. In short the evening will be packed with music, dancing, lively and exotic performances. Valentine’s Day has an unrivaled companion this year with The Edwardian Ball for romantic intrigue and frivolities!

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Photo by Billy Bennight

My friend Robyn and I enjoyed our last outing at “The Doubtful Guest” for 2013’s The Edwardian Ball. Robyn was a veteran of many of San Francisco’s Edwardian Balls and was thrilled by the prospect of getting a second opportunity to dress up and swing with the esprit of the evening. I joined her in our night of mischievous frivolities as the newbie. It was a lovely night where creativity and fun is profusely expressed! These moments then foretell of more adventures to be had for “My Gorey Valentine!”. This year’s Edwardian Ball continues to have the same immersive quality as the previous ones, where performances blur the line between performers and audience: all attending are costumed in finery of the late 19th and early 20th century with splashes of contemporary accents and impressions that blend and bend that line in a marvelous fusion of color and splendor. Also, the performances are not only relegated the stage alone. They are in various locations and can be interactive with flutters of entertainment bursting in various spots within the Fonda that will illuminate all of those in their proximity. Some of the night’s activities will include DJ’ed music, dancing, theatrics, circus arts with the art and the stories of Edward Gorey! The night will feature The John Brothers Piano Company, Owl Tree Tarot & Tinctures, a Portrait Booth, Midway Gaming, Rosin Coven, Vau de Vire Society, TRAPEZE DJs Delachaux and The Klown, The Gentlemen Callers of Los Angeles. One of the high points of the evening will be Gorey-inspired Fashion Show and the Living Statues by Dark Garden Unique Corsetry and Bridal Couture!

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Photo by Billy Bennight

The Edwardian Ball is a night of the imagination and creative expression. It will be a night of whimsy! You may find yourself in a Moulin Rouge mood with an absinthe cocktail in hand as Can-can dancers swirl in your imagination or you may be craving something Topsy Turvy, very deliciously black tie, beaver skin top hat and theatrical or perhaps, you may want to slip into something more “Cinq à Sept” for one of those naughty moments, where you may grace the evening in a marvelous heavy silk Jacquard robe, paisley silk “pae jamas”, a feathered turban and Khussa Shoes to keep things exotic and erotic. Your imagination can properly run wild and unfettered this Saturday February 14th at the Henry Fonda Theatre! You can purchase tickets in advance here. After all, it is Valentine’s Day and it is a night for romance! You gentlemen may find your Merveilleuse in an exquisite corset and a darling fascinator and you ladies may find your Incroyable in a striking black-tailed tux, top hat, spats and cane. The Edwardian Ball will be a night of fascination. You know, the kind that fascination of which I speak: where one’s mind drift to something George Bernard Shaw would have written or something painterly and extravagant like Whistler’s Peacock Room. All you have to do is use your imagination and join in on the fun!

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    Great write-up, Billy! Sounds excellent. I would love to attend one of these events, in the future. It’s right up my alley. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. Jordie says:

    Definitely dig that Billy !!! Sounds like a great time and great theme 🙂

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