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Not Another Candlelit Dinner! Try Something Different this Valentine’s Day!

Had enough of overpriced, predictable “romantic” dinners? Break out of your rut with these exciting Valentine’s Day Activities! CHECK OUT MEXICAN MASKED WRESTLING AND BURLESQUE 2-/14 & 2/15   8 p.m.    $35 – $55 Los Angeles’ wildest variety show is … Continue reading

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SWEET TALK—2016 V-Day Report: The Bar is Low

Have you ever seen that light in a woman’s eyes? “Which light?” you may ask. “The look of love? Or the look of horror?” Results may vary depending on your Valentine’s Day gift, and there can be a fine line. … Continue reading

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Dee Wallace and her Latest, Most Adorable Invention BuppaLaPaloo Bear: A Beloved Bonding Object as a Reflection of life and a Healing Force to be Reckoned With!

Dee Wallace: teacher, life coach, radio talk show host, letter-writer-to-all-life-changing-events, and most notably, quintessential cinematic mom, and of late, grandmother, of the large and small screen alike! Appearing in everything from Cujo, to her current role on Just Add Magic, which … Continue reading

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The Theme Of The 2015 Edwardian Ball Is “My Gorey Valentine!”

This year’s The Edwardian Ball theme is “My Gorey Valentine!” with a special performance of Edward Gorey’s “The Beastly Baby”. Rosin Coven and co-hosts Vau de Vire Society bring Edward Gorey’s story to life on stage with original music, theatrical choreography and narration. … Continue reading

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As the days of our modern world whirl about us, every simple task seems to become more complicated, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Any simple box of chocolates and flowers once would do, but now the candy shelves are … Continue reading

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Valentines Day Resolution 2012

People in this country really like to torture themselves. They hype up random calendar dates into major events with outlandish expectations that no one can actually afford and then are massively disappointed and depressed when events don’t turn out like … Continue reading

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SWEET TALK – Express Yourself This Valentine’s Day

January has the ugly nickname of “Break-Up” month due to the sudden crush of calls to divorce lawyers, U-Haul Truck rentals, and drunken texting. And this phenomenon continues on into February. Why? Because unhappy people know they’re going break up, … Continue reading

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