Lethal Amounts Presents a Timely Art Exhibit ‘Charles Manson: Once Upon a Time in ’69’

I know, lately it just seems like, “Manson, Manson, Manson!” Quentin Tarantino’s film, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” uses Sharon Tate as a touchstone of that era, the LaBianca murder house is for sale for nearly 2 million dollars, Spotify has a new podcast focusing on the dangerous summer of 1969, and trailers for the second season of “Mindhunter” tease a picture of Manson. It is the 50-year anniversary of the murders and it is the summer of Charles Manson.

With its finger always on the pulse of L.A., Lethal Amounts gallery in downtown Los Angeles is presenting writings, photographs, and original art in addition to ephemera from the collections of John Aes-Nihl in a collection titled “Once Upon a Time in ’69.” The exhibit focuses on the way the Manson family murders shifted the country’s perspective and essentially ended the era of peace and love.

You can hit up the preview August 8, between 9 PM and Midnight after your anniversary dinner at El Coyote for $40, or wait until the opening reception on August 9th from 7 PM until Midnight ($19.69). The exhibit will continue through August 10th and 11th, but there are no tickets currently available online for the last two dates. Facebook event page.



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2 Responses to Lethal Amounts Presents a Timely Art Exhibit ‘Charles Manson: Once Upon a Time in ’69’

  1. Ellen says:

    Why are we glorifying and celebrating a mass murderer? Again. What is wrong with our society!😡

  2. Sue says:

    It was a good show, I was surprised by the amount of items I had not seen before. The polaroids of Abigail and Voytek I think were the most shocking… I was disappointed that there was not more on the girls- Susan, Leslie and Patricia.

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