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Lethal Amounts Presents a Timely Art Exhibit ‘Charles Manson: Once Upon a Time in ’69’

I know, lately it just seems like, “Manson, Manson, Manson!” Quentin Tarantino’s film, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” uses Sharon Tate as a touchstone of that era, the LaBianca murder house is for sale for nearly 2 million dollars, … Continue reading

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We Continue Following Quentin Tarantino Around: El Coyote

On October 9th, Photographer James Cherry of Street Style LA spotted the equipment for an indoor night shoot at El Coyote Café. Even though none of the actors were in sight, we knew we had found Tarantino once again, because … Continue reading

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Photo Gallery: Quentin Tarantino Turns Back Time In Hollywood

All photos by Brian Donnelly, Tom Holland, Bruce Duff, Mike Guerena, Howie Pyro and Simone Snaith. Used with permission. Angelenos are pretty jaded about movie making. We grew up with fake chase scenes and lighting crews blocking the streets. Most … Continue reading

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Selling Infamous Houses is Murder!

By James Colin Campbell and Elise Thompson We’ve all heard lurid stories of infamous crimes, but what happens to the homes left behind by the criminals and victims? In California, state law requires that you disclose a death on a … Continue reading

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Psychopaths Age Well

Just look at David Berkowitz and Leslie Van Houten. They look better now than they did when they were arrested. On Wednesday, California corrections officials released a new photograph of  Charles Manson taken last June. I have to say for  77-years-old he … Continue reading

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