Valentines Day Resolution 2012

Photo by Robert Madden

People in this country really like to torture themselves. They hype up random calendar dates into major events with outlandish expectations that no one can actually afford and then are massively disappointed and depressed when events don’t turn out like the advertisements.

News flash: Those “loving moments” in advertisements are performed by paid actors, written by some executive to sell the moment in hopes that you will (sucker!) buy the product.

When the moment doesn’t live up to the hype and, they never do, people become depressed. Then those helpful pharmaceutical companies step in to make everyone feel better with pretty pills. I have an idea, let’s stop buying the hype and just treat each other kindly everyday.

If the last one hundred years has taught us anything it should be that money doesn’t buy happiness. Giving your loved one a box of candy one day of the year really means nothing. Telling him or her that you care about them daily and treating them with respect and dignity, that will build a relationship.

So why don’t we treat Valentines Day a bit more like New Years Eve. Toast each other and make a resolution to treat each other well in the coming year.

Or we could just stay on the treadmill of over-priced, over-stressed series of disappointing Valentines day dates, filled with high drama leaving us exhausted and disappointed in each other. Soon to be breaking up and starting the same pattern with a different significant other.

You choose. But I suggest try a little tenderness.

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