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Dosanko Larmen Serves up Miso Ramen in West LA.

Dosanko Larmen opened its first ramen house in Japan in 1967. It quickly spread into over 500 franchises all over the country. A few years ago the original owner opened a Dosanko Larmen on Olympic just west of Sawtelle Japantown. The service is beyond … Continue reading

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Hakata Ikkousha Brings Their First Ramen Shop to The US (and Costa Mesa)

Hakata Ikoussha Ramen is a new name here in Costa Mesa, but in Japan and other countries like Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia and even Hong Kong, it is known as one of the top ramen houses. It has garnered many … Continue reading

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Fideo by Mick Brings Luscious, Creative Noodle Bowls to Irvine

Fideo by Mick is the latest endeavor by the creator of what is considered Orange County’s best, most creative burger bar, the well known Mick’s Karma Bar. Conveniently, Fideo is located next to the Karma Bar, so those who are … Continue reading

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Eboshi Noodle Bar

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that sometimes hard times come our way. I am lucky enough to be in close proximity to Eboshi Noodle Bar in Lomita, so when everything gets to be too much, I can drown myself … Continue reading

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