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Joan was born in Brooklyn and spent many years working as an actress in New York City. Even though she traveled extensively, Joan couldn't imagine living anywhere else.. Well one day, she met someone at a party who regaled her with stories about living in L. A. specifically Topanga Canyon. A few weeks later she found herself on an airplane bound for Los Angeles. Joan immediately fell in love with the town and has been living here for the last twenty years and yes, she even made it to Topanga Canyon, where she now resides, surrounded by nature, deer, owls and all kinds of extraordinary alien creatures.. Joan continued acting, but for the last several years (besides reviewing plays and film) she has been writing screenplays. Joan was married to a filmmaker who created the cult classic films, (way before she knew him) Faces of Death. As a result of his huge following, they created a funny movie review show entitled Two Jews on Film, where Joan and her husband, John would review movies and rate them with bagels You can see their reviews by going to Although it's now only one Jew - Joan is occasionally joined by her beautiful Pekingnese and Japanese Chin.

“La La Land,” A Brilliant, Musical, Magical Journey Through Love

When I saw “Whiplash,” I knew I was seeing the birth of a brilliant director and now with Damien Chazelle’s latest film, “La La Land,” he more than proves I was right. This film is not only a beautiful homage to the … Continue reading

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‘Rules Don’t Apply’ Warren Beatty As Howard Hughes Brings Alive Old Hollywood

Warren Beatty has wanted to do this film for decades and he finally has. I have to say it was definitely worth the wait. ‘Rules Don’t Apply’ written and directed by Beatty is absolutely wonderful. The year is 1958. A … Continue reading

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‘The Play About The Baby’ Edward Albee’s Brilliant, Dark, Comic Fable

There are so many things to say about the Tony and Pulitzer Prize Award winner, Edward Albee. Brilliant, insightful, witty and genius are just four words that come to mind. Albee just  happens to be one of my favorite playwrights. His … Continue reading

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‘Waiting for Grace’ A Very Funny Look At Love & Marriage

Grace (Sharon Sharth) wants desperately to get married.  She believes that marriage equals happiness. It doesn’t matter that  Sharon is a successful New York actor but without a husband and a baby she feels her life in incomplete. We watch … Continue reading

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‘Nocturnal Animals’ Tom Ford’s Visually Stunning Film Noir Thriller

‘Nocturnal Animals’ is a psychological thriller written and directed by Tom Ford. Ford has made only one other film a few years back, entitled ‘The Single Man’. He comes from the world of fashion, so it’s no wonder that both … Continue reading

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ARRIVAL- The Aliens Have Landed and They Have Something to Say

Unfortunately, no one speaks their language. ‘Arrival is based on Ted Chiang’s ‘Story of Your Life’ but I wouldn’t read his short story until you see the film. When the movie begins, it is already established that aliens have landed on … Continue reading

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‘Siamese Sex Show’ A Wild, Wonderful Ride Into a Dystopian Future

“Siamese Sex Show,” the musical, is so good that I didn’t want it to end. From the moment the show started, I knew I was about to experience something very original and extremely fun. I was not disappointed.   The … Continue reading

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‘Doctor Strange’ One Of My Favorite Marvel Superheroes Doesn’t Disappoint

“Doctor Strange” is absolutely wonderful, and I loved every single second of it. The Doctor, played impeccably by Benedict Cumberbatch (who knew the dude could be so sexy?), is a different kind of superhero. Yes, he can fight, but he uses … Continue reading

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“Buyer & Cellar” – A Funny, Inventive Story About One Man’s Encounter with Fame

A one-man play is hard to pull off. It can go either way–good or bad. A lone actor on the stage has no one to depend on but himself. Of course, a good story helps, and “Buyer & Cellar” is … Continue reading

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Theater Review: “Underneath” Brilliant Irish Actor Pat Kinevane Takes Us Inside the Mind of a Tortured Soul

Sitting in the audience, looking at the pitch black stage where a coffin covered by gold material resides, I sensed something special was about to happen. And it didn’t take long before it did. Slowly, a figure emerges from underneath … Continue reading

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