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‘Through The Eye Of A Needle’ A Beautiful, Moving Play About Loss

I absolutely loved this play. It not only made me laugh out loud, but in the end, it moved me to tears, which always makes for a great theatre experience. “Through The Eye Of A Needle,” written by Jami Brandli … Continue reading

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The Alamo: A Beautifully Written and Acted Play About the Difficulty of Change

How many of us have returned to our childhood neighborhood and have had a hard time recognizing it? That’s especially true for me. I was born in Brooklyn in an upper middle class neighborhood. It was safe and everyone looked … Continue reading

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‘The Red Dress’ A Powerful Play About Forbidden Love in Nazi Germany

‘The Red Dress’ written by Tania Wisbar is a semi-autobiographical play that tells the story of Tania’s mother, Eva who was born in Berlin Germany during the Nazi era and lived thorugh the tumultous years when Hitler tried to form … Continue reading

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‘Mrs. Warren’s Profession’ by George Bernard Shaw Shines at A Noise Within

Shaw wrote more than 60 plays, including “Man and Superman,” ‘Major Barbara,’ ‘Pygmalion,’ and the protofeminist play, ”Mrs. Warren’s Profession.’  Considering the events of late, this play is extremely timely and the production at A Noise Within, directed by Michael … Continue reading

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‘Silent Sky’ A Beautiful Tribute to the Women Who Led Us To The Stars

Decades before the ‘hidden figures’ were made famous by the Academy Award nominated film, there was a woman named Henrietta Swan Leavitt (the wonderful Jennifer Cannon) who was an astronomer born in 1868. She and her female colleagues, Williamina Fleming … Continue reading

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‘The Face in the Reeds’ Premiere at the Ruskin Group Theatre: A Passover Dinner any family could have

Family holidays have much in common no matter what religion they are. In The Face in the Reeds, which premiered Friday night, August 22 at the Ruskin Group Theatre in Santa Monica, a Jewish family gets together to celebrate the holiday … Continue reading

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Archway Theatre’s “Salome”: Biting and HEADstrong!

The drive to downtown LA is enchanted on this April 11th of a Friday night.  The city lights appear like a mirage of metropolitan magnificence and the sky is just slightly overcast.  The prime reason I have time to appreciate … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs is a movie honoring the Giallo film making tradition. The Giallo style was birthed in Britain but championed by the Italians. The impressive credit intro roll of Isle of Dogs moves you from whatever was occupying your … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Le Week-End

  Le Week-End is a story of love and commitment, where Nick Burrows played by Jim Broadbent and Meg Burrows played by Lindsay Duncan, desire to inhabit their past and rekindle their youthful experience of love by returning to Paris … Continue reading

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