LA Girl: Alice Bag’s Calavera Beauty tips!

The moment I wake up before I put on my make up, I give my face a light rinse. While brushing my teeth, I give my lips a light scrubbing to exfoliate any dry skin.

Once I’m all clean I start my skincare regime. I started using Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty products about a year ago. I was preparing breakfast when Cindy’s infomercial came on. I got sucked in and decided to order. I was happy with the results and am now a devotee of her basic skincare package, except for the cleanser.

For a Dia de Los Muertos look I like to think of my face as a blank canvas so I cover my face from chin line to hairline with white theatrical make up, avoiding the eye socket area. I think Halloween makeup is too streaky so I spent a few extra dollars several years ago to buy a good bone toned base. I use it every Day of the Dead so it’s been a good investment. The brand I use is Graftobian Theatrical Creme Foundation in Bleached Bone.

Once the foundation is on I like to work on the eyes. I try to imagine a festive skull, not a realistic horror movie skull. Flowers, fanciful swirls and dots are all appropriate on a Day of The Dead Calaca. I like to hollow out the whole eye socket with various shades of powder shadow in whatever color strikes my fancy that day, then I outline it with a thick dark pencil. This year I used Tarte Amazonian Clay water proof liner pencil in Golden Black to outline my socket all the way up to my brow line. I suggest black liquid liner for the fine detail. A well sharpened thin black pencil will work but tends to smudge, so if you don’t want to look like you’ve  been trick-or-treating for hours I suggest using your favorite waterproof liner. I use Maybelline Ultra Liner.

I favor a dainty nose for my calavera. Many years ago I went crazy with the black pencil and drew a giant black triangle in the center of my face-don’t do it. A little upside down heart or two little triangles above each nostril convey the message that you have a nose.

As for a mouth, I like to do teeth and a mouth. It sounds weird, but it makes me feel prettier to have lips, so I outline my lips, add a bit of lipstick then draw a thin horizontal line that extends from the edges of my mouth. The illusion of teeth can be created by drawing circles above and below that line, or by crossing the horizontal line with vertical lines.

At the end of the night I wash it all off. I never sleep with make up on. I may sleep in last night’s dress but never in last night’s foundation. At night I wash my face with soap.  I don’t like using make up removers because I enjoy the the sudsing action that you get from soap. My favorites are Kiss My Face, Ivory, Trader Joe’s Honey Oatmeal soap and in a pinch my local dollar store carries Yardley brand oatmeal soap which does a fine job.

Alice will be appearing Friday, Oct 21 at  TKO Records, Fountain Valley from 6-8 (Pizza Party!) and Saturday, Oct 22nd at the Hollywood Bag Head Party, Antebellum Gallery, 1643 N Las Palmas, Holllywood, from 7-10. Please note that Antebellum has an 18+ policy.

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  1. Lori Nyx Lori Nyx says:

    dang, that antebellum appearance conflicts with the mayhem that is Hollywood
    Forever….and I do enjoy that gallery…Highly Recommended.

  2. What a genius twist on LA Girl! I can’t wait for Dia de los Muertos!

  3. Donna Lethal Donna Lethal says:

    Oh that is Hwood Forever night, isn’t it? I can walk there so I’m sort of spoiled. I go to cemeteries a lot. Elise, are you going?

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