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Billy Bennight is a writer, photographer and wardrobe stylist with expertise and years of experience in these disciplines. His musical youth started as a Punk Rocker and has expanded into exploring many genres of music, with an keen interest in art, fashion, photography and writing. He shoots celebrity events and red carpets for The Photo Access and ZUMA Press. He is a member of the Los Angeles Art Association. His images have been published in The Los Angeles Times, People Magazine, Wall Street Journal and Vanity Fair. He's very engaged in life. You can follow him on his Facebook page at: and on Instagram and Twitter @billybennight

Douglas Tausik Ryder’s ‘Body Language’ On View at Jason Vass Gallery through October 19, 2019

Douglas Tausik Ryder‘s exhibition, “Body Language,” opened at Jason Vass Gallery on Saturday, September 7th, and the exhibition will continue through October 19th. Taisik Ryder‘s work is a conversation about fluid organic interpretations of form that evoke and integrate both … Continue reading

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‘Monty’s Good Burger’ Opens in Echo Park!

With huge crowds and long lines, Monty’s Good Burger landed its third location in Echo Park last week to service Millennials’ ever-growing desire for excellent and nutritious plant-based food. At the friends and family soft opening of Monty’s a little over … Continue reading

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Tiki Oasis: Poolside on Sunday

Sunday at Tiki Oasis was a lazy one. The early afternoon was spent lounging and cruising the marketplace where we sampled another one of Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice’s treats with a shot of rum. I ran into Lee Joseph at … Continue reading

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Tiki Oasis 19: Saturday Night Rockin’ and the Tiki-Stardust Party

After a short recharging session, Pete and I met up with his sister, Liz H., at the pool as the early part of the concert had just begun. We grabbed some alcohol and soaked up the atmosphere. The sun was … Continue reading

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Tiki Oasis 19 “Catch the New Wave” was the Crown of Creation: Saturday Chicks and Cars

I arrived at the Crowne Plaza Hotel with Tiki Oasis already in full swing on a Saturday afternoon in San Diego. Since Wednesday the party had been in full tilt, and wouldn’t be letting up until Sunday evening. I was … Continue reading

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Come Cuddle Guinea Pigs at Hilary’s Cafe: A ‘Fleabag’ Pop-Up Experience!

For Amazon Prime’s “Fleabag” fans in the know, Hilary’s Café is a way to connect with this critically and publicly well-received comedy. The promotional pop-up”café” set in a storefront on Melrose lets you pet and cuddle one of their lovely … Continue reading

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‘Tiki Oasis’ 19 ‘Catch the New Wave’ Lands on San Diego Shores August 7-August 11, 2019

The Tiki gods have smiled on San Diego and Southern California once again as Otto and Baby Doe von Strohiem‘s “Tiki Oasis“–the world’s largest Tiki event!–rolls around for the 19th consecutive time, bringing a Luau, music, art, merchants, fashion, cocktails, pool … Continue reading

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‘Nothing Cheezy’ is a Maximalist Art-Inspired Pop-Up Popping Up in DTLA

On Tuesday I joined Lowbrow artist Anthony Ausgang, his wife, Dr. Liz Koskenmaki, Liz Trillo and a number of the featured artists at the “Nothing Cheezy” media night preview. The exhibit is an interactive, light-hearted mockery of pop-ups that is … Continue reading

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S.C. Mero Set the ‘Trap’ in DTLA

The art of DTLA artist S.C. Mero, who is known for a prankster’s approach to art combining installation and performance, has been taking place in downtown for some time now. Her artwork appeared earlier this year in the L.A. Art Show varying … Continue reading

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The 2019 Los Angeles “COLA” Reception for Individual Artist Fellowships Honoring LA’s Creativity

Sunday, May 19th, kicks off the “DCA” Department of Cultural Affairs’ 2019 City of Los Angeles “COLA.” The DCA will celebrate Individual Artist Fellowships with an opening reception and exhibit to bring attention to the various artists Sunday, May 19th (Visual Arts) … Continue reading

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