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Manhattan Transfer Songstress and Founder Erin Dickins has us-S-up for Her Singing: Upstairs at Vitello’s to Commemorate New Album!

Imagine if you will a halcyon Sunday afternoon in early November. Then take that late fall journey down memory lane, swinging a sudden detour across a street of the same name, hopping progressively on over to International Alley; Sprinkle it with … Continue reading

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Actor/Singer Don Most Blows the Roof off Vitello’s to Sold Out Crowd before Taking his Talents to New York!

On May 10th the upstairs of Vitello’s just about had its entire roof blown off by none other than the illustrious Don Most and his most righteous 17 piece orchestra! So high octane the performance: more power to any senior citizen or … Continue reading

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Bill and Laura Pursell’s Victorious Performance at Vitello’s: A Sentimental Familial Hit and Lesson in Virtual Musical Time Travel!

It was a night of song, celebration, and proverbial time travel on the evening of January 10th as father daughter duo Bill and Laura Pursell took the stage at Studio City’s swanky Vitello’s restaurant and nightclub all the while taking … Continue reading

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Father Daughter Duo Bill and Laura Pursell to Storm the Stage at Vitello’s January 10th; With Special Guest Performer Donny Most!

Quick! What do the Judds, The Carpenters, The Von Trapps, and The Partridge Family all have in common?!  Other than a possible and perceived passion for paleontology—which might come to mind for only a select few (albeit a very select … Continue reading

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Sheila E Opens The E Spot In Grand Style

For the Grand Opening weekend of her new club venture the E Spot Lounge, situated directly above Vitello’s Restaurant in Studio City, Sheila E decided to christen the place herself with a rare club appearance. The multi-instrumentalist has put together … Continue reading

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