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How do I love Rebecca Seven? Let me count the ways. Well, she has the same love/hate Baby Huey obsession as me. What? Now that I’ve outed both of us, I’ll embarrass myself even more: I don’t know what I’m more jealous of: her Harveytoons lunchbox or her perfectly white teeth. (I drink a lot of tea.) But this isn’t about me, my sick Baby Huey obsession or everything that Rebecca and I love (and hate) equally. The first time we met, we talked so fast, interrupting each other and between the subjects of Raquel Welch, a Top Cat lunchbox, the Flatsey doll, and Julie Newmar’s fox fur, we didn’t even get to talk makeup. So it’s about time!

I love make up.  I started wearing eyeshadow when I was 14.  I think it was the darkest loudest purple Maybelline had on the market.  My gym teacher told me I looked like a hooker. I told her she looked like a man.

I think punk rock had a huge affect on me. I wanted eyes like Sue Catwoman. I also remember painting spiderwebs from my eyes to my cheeks.  Many years later I still love the purples, pinks and blacks but now have to spend more time prepping my skin.

After I wash my face with drug store face soap, I pull out the eye cream.  My first choice is LaMer concentrate.  I have used other brands like Philosophy, Perricone, Korres,  but I don’t like using eye cream in tubes because I squirt half of it on the floor.

I have a drawer filled with cream concealer -I have some from Avon, two kinds from Barneys, Victoria’s Secret, Cinema Secrets, Merle Norman and DermaBlend for cadavers.  I have a range of shades I mix and blend apply with a light hand and build up.  I don’t use liquid as it’s too thin.  I use triangle wedges and brushes and blot often.

I love eye shadow primer. Mac works the best it acts like a concealer, it lightens my eyelids and holds on to the make up. I still love purple but I mix it in with some neutrals, Urban Decay has the best range of neutrals.  The set is called “Naked” and it looks like a velvet Hershey bar, the colors have cool names like Virgin, Sin, Naked, and Dark horse, Toasted, Gunmetal and Creep.  Some metallic, some matte.

I like smoky eyes with a contour. I try to use at least three shades and paint on a black cat eye.  Avon Glimmer sticks for the inside eye and  Sephora wet liner for the rest.

I still use Maybelline mascara in the pink and green container.

I don’t do my cheeks or I’ll look like a long lost Jackson sister.  I remember hanging out with supermodel Lauren Hutton and she was telling me her trick to hide jowls-make them darker than your face foundation and blend into the neck.

Lipstick sticks to my teeth and I hate it.  It makes you look like a freak. The only brand that doesn’t is by Serge Lutens.  At 80 dollars a pop it had better not.

I focus on the eyes and the lips-if that is blended well all I need to do is use a matte translucent powder to kill the shine.

I also keep Kevyn Aucoins book by my make up mirror. (DL – me too!)

At the end of the night I use either Avon eye makeup remover because it’s inexpensive and I like the smell or Dermalogica – the same stuff Kiss uses to take off the clown white but it smells like mineral oil and costs 35.00.

Wash off the makeup remover, put on more eye cream and pass out.

Rebecca Seven is the mastermind behind her design line Viva Rebecca. She has
designed and fabricated fashion outfits for celebrities, movies, TV shows and video games. She has designed for countless sex symbols, like Raquel Welch, Julie Newmar, Tura Satana, Haji, and Kitten Natividad, among others. She can be seen as the ring girl at most Lucha Va Voom events, bringing out the headlining wrestler. Rebecca’s paintings have been shown at all the lowbrow art galleries across town like Luz De Jesus, Merry Karnowsky, and Copro Nason, and her work can be seen in the book, “Vicious, Delicious and Ambitious”. Rebecca lived an earlier life as the singer, guitarist and songwriter in the legendary band Frightwig. Pictures of her performing can be seen in the book “New York Noise”, and in the past has received accolades from Yoko Ono, Voivod, Redd Kross, and Shonen Knife.

Photographs by Tiger Lee

Viva Rebecca!

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  1. Weird. I just randomly thought of the band Frightwig the other day (A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do!).

    I love La Mer but can’t afford it, so every time I’m at the department store I have to feign interest and use a sample.

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