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“Kedi” Signing & spcaLA Benefit at Amoeba Music

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Lilly Hiatt’s “Trinity Lane”

Nashville artist Lilly Hiatt has released an endearing video for her uplifting new single “Trinity Lane.” Set in her comfortable-looking, messy apartment, and featuring several shots of her cute cat, the video and song are about being content on one’s own, … Continue reading

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Photos: The Magical Mercado los Olvidados

Mercado los Olvidados at Pskaufman… Gallery last Friday was a little underworld of colorful, whimsical art, clothing and crafts. It was made even more surreal by the mysterious “dust storm” alert that kept going off on my phone, as I … Continue reading

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Julie Newmar, Chic Goddess to all Personified Feline Fabulousness, and Brother/Author John Newmeyer to Make ApPURRance at CatConLA 2016!

On Caturday, June 25th from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, don’t plan on relaxing too heartily by taking any random catnaps, for Tony winner, Television Star, slinky siren of the silver screen, and fundamental feline in most fabulously feminine form, … Continue reading

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YouTube’s Styxhexenhammer666: A Darkly Illuminating Force of Reason to Be Reckoned With!

Styxhexenhammer666 conjures up all manner of darkly esoteric allusions of sorcery involving Thor’s steely mallet (similarly referenced by Led Zeppelin in their aptly named biobook “Hammer of the Gods”–but decidedly NOT so analogously cited by Peter, Paul, and Mary in … Continue reading

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Cat Café Primed to Launch in Los Angeles: To Feline-Fabulous Red Carpet Treatment and Catffeinated Contentment via Crowdfunding!

As a cat parent, have you ever waxed resentful of dog owners and how they just so catvalierly bring their canines out to coffee houses in conjunction with their friend, friends or an additional man’s best friend or two wherever … Continue reading

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“Here, Kitty Kitty”: Los Angelenos Chattering over Cat Art Show!

The Cat Art Show is opening in Los Angeles this Saturday, January 25, 2014! Those that know me know that I am the crazy cat lady that your mother warned you about. I love cats and I also love organizations … Continue reading

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Meet Grumpy Cat in Santa Monica Tonight

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