This LA Girl’s Beauty Thanks

I’m not going to go all heartfelt – there’s other places for that. I’ve had a penny-pinching year, like most of us, and I’ve cut open every tube, sliced every applicator, dug out lipsticks (well, I’ve done that anyway,) to get the most of my pennies.

Things I’m giving thanks for:

Laura Mercier’s Creme Smooth Foundation: I just discovered it last week in Boston after flying all night and my poor, already-dry skin was crinkled and wind-whipped. I had a book reading in six hours. Like most beauty addicts, I stumbled into the nearest Sephora for help. Bless Tarte, who had a rep on the spot (I still remember the day they launched at Henri Bendel where I was made up by Maureen Kelly and Troy Surratt – I carry a small travel size of Flush in my purse at all times.) Regardless, I knew I wanted to try the LM and once the Tarte rep made me up I gasped. People complimented me on my complexion for the next three days. Worth every cent.

My local Korean spas: even if I wasn’t having a tough year financially I’d still go. I’ve always been fond of the Olympic because of the large Mugwort hot pool, but I’ve branched out. Yelp’s a good resource, but I do take other people’s opinions with a grain of salt – especially if they are uptight or whiny. Try to find a place with a jade and/or clay sauna and go during the week. Best buy in town.

The Y. I love my Y. I only belonged to women’s gyms for years (I lived in the Valley) ’til I moved over the hill and winced at the thought, although I did work out at the Y in NY forever. But in NY no one talks to you (and I liked that!) The Y proved me wrong. I love it! And the Gravity Pilates are worth monthly membership alone because you can’t take those classes anywhere else. Just move immediately if the “Hollywood rasta dude” hops on the treadmill anywhere near you. Other than that, it’s free of nasty smells. I don’t go in communal pools, especially pools filled with kids, so I can’t review. But it’s a nice place.

Soap and Glory’s US launch! I reviewed it here and I’m still in love, love, love. I smell like them, I bathe in them, I slather my face in Night in Shining Armour every evening. How do love thee? You don’t have time to listen to me count the ways.

And all of the LA girls who have taken the time to write down what makes them gorgeous.  You help make this town a much more beautiful place because you are not botoxed, nose jobbed, fake-titted, orange-tanned, and obnoxious. That’s why you’re my  LA girls.

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