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When I look at freelance writer Julie Wolfson’s gorgeous complexion the first thing I wanted to know is makeup she uses. Imagine my shock when I read her answer! And how did I not know about Beatrice Wood? I must find out more. I was also glad (well, that’s not the word but you know what I mean) to hear what she had to say on sea buckthorn. I am a big fan of Paula Begoun and she is always saying just because it’s “natural” doesn’t mean it’s safe (I’ll go into this in another post.) But I digress. Here is  Julie in her own words:

Lately I have transitioned from buying expensive French makeup to mostly Cover Girl. I use their Advanced Radiance foundation, powder, eye shadows, eye liner, and Lashblast Fusion mascara. I also love the set of Stila 24 carats gloss given to me by my friend Nao Minami. For hair I splurge a little on Fresh Soy Shampoo and Pomegranate Conditioner and use Rusk Deepshine Lustre Styling Cream and Moroccan Oil before I blow dry or flatiron or curl my hair.

After making the mistake of using some skin products given to me – and discovering that I am allergic to Sea Buckthorn – my dermatologist suggested I wash my face with CeraVe. I use their moisturizer too and love that both products are extremely inexpensive for large bottles. (Note: I love them too -DL)

My good friend Leisa Canter cuts my hair from her home studio and I go to a small neighborhood shop for hair color. No ritzy Beverly Hills salons for me. What else? I pluck my own eyebrows. I exercise when I can, mostly walks to errands and hikes up Runyon Canyon. Since much of my work includes visits to restaurants and bars, I try to eat as many vegetables and fruit from weekly farmers’ market visits to balance it all out. I prefer health studies that say drinking coffee and wine are good for you and hate the ones that say the opposite.

Beatrice Wood attributed her longevity- she lived until she was 105!- to indulging in good chocolate and spending time with young men. Visiting her in Ojai was a huge inspiration to me.  She was beautiful through and through. I have seriously considered trading the clothes in my closet for saris.

My best advice is to try to do something fun every day. Often you’ll find me out with friends or family and making up for the work later that night or early the next morning. The adventuring is good for my work too. Almost every time I leave the house I meet someone amazing and find a new story to write about.

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