LA Girl: Carol Wood

Carol Wood is a natural beauty who can stun an entire room into silence. You just want to try on her clothes and dig through her purse. Luckily for us, she let us have a little peek into her mysterious bag of tricks…

Rohto Japanese eye drops are like Scope for your eyeballs. They are minty…& you can taste it. Zzzing!! Nobody will know you’ve been smoking that Blackberry Haze!! 😀 They come in a disc-shaped bottle…I used to only be able to find it at Japanese markets like Mitsuwa & Marukai but now my local Ralph’s market carries it!!

I’m usually too lazy to bother with face creams but Dr. Hauschka’s Day Cream Liquid (I think they’ve changed the name) is diviiine. All their ingredients are grown in their own biodynamic gardens. (Ed note: I think she means the Moisturizing Day Cream, which you can find here.)

Does everyone detest using sunblock as much as I? If I absolutely MUST I’ll only use DeVita’s. It’s 30 spf & is completely naturally-derived with no titanium dioxide (which gives me a rash) & has NO cloying stickiness or ghostly blue/white pallor (which I love…but only when I WANT it). Whole Foods carries it.

Dr. Alkaitis eye cream (the whole line, actually) is faaabulous. Its texture is like Marshmallow Fluff & its scent is just as  (VERY important to me). 100% of the ingredients are organically grown or wild-crafted. The only place I know to get it is at Erehwon on Beverly Boulevard.

Also at Erehwon is my favorite face powder, Eco Nvey. It’s an organic line from Australia. It’s actually a powder foundation but I just apply it sparingly with a brush. They have a colour that is just PERFECT for me, & it can be hard for a Eurasian to find a good colour match. I used to think Shisedo would work, but for me their shades are all too pink….

Of course any Asian girl knows about the Shu Uemura eyelash curler…there simply IS nothing else.

MAC Liquid Last eyeliner stays on for days…through sex, showers, hot tubbing, a sauna, skindiving — I’m not kidding. Maaaybe you’ll have to touch it up just a bit. I like to paint little dots next to my eyes. It never occurred to me to make it look like they’re tattooed but people always seem to think that….

My favorite mascara is Tarte’s “Amazonian Clay.” Just one light coat gives me an alluringly sooty fringe.

Eyelash extensions make you wake up looking fabulous. My friend said they made her look her look like “Bambi Whore.”

My favorite body product right now is Boots Chemists Organic Body Butter. The scent reminds me of Dr. Hauschka products…but at, like, one-third of the price. You can get it at Target.

Japanese boxwood combs. You can find them on Amazon. Real ones are like $200 but they’ve been traditionally used by geisha and samurai. They have antifungal and antistatic properties. You use Camellia oil with the comb. It’s compressed from the seeds of the green tea plant.

I get a lot of compliments on my lipstick. I start with a tiny bit of organic lip balm then over that I use MAC Beat pencil over the whole lip, topped with MAC Ruby Woo. If I’m feeling flirtatious, I touch the center of my lips and dab a little bit under my eyes to give my cheeks a slightly hectic flush.

My favorite light conditioner is Trader Joe’s Spa Essentials. For a heavy conditioner, Aveda Damage Remedy is the shit. It leaves your hair so fragrant. High-end hippie.

For my nails, I use a layer of black nail polish, then a layer with holographic glitter. The effect I want is 1970s bowling balls.

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