LA Girl: Cristina Parker

When I first saw the stunning Cristina, I demanded that she be one of my LA Girls. Don’t be fooled by the “I’m a publicist” line. I’ve attached some snaps of her art. Contact her if you’re interested. Here she is in her own words:

Hello there creatures of the night. I’m a bi-coastal gal. I’m originally from NY. I split my time between LA/NY.

I am a Publicist in the entertainment/music arena…I can cook up some mean rice & beans, plantains with a side of pulled pork while painting. Follow your Bliss! Cheers.

 My favorite products I use are Neutrogena and Aveeno, especially for the face. I start off with these simple steps wash with Fresh Foaming Cleaners then applying Pore Refining Toner moving onto the Aveeno ‘Positively Radiant ‘ daily moisturizer. I put a little bit of the Aveeno lifting and firming eye cream and that’s about it…it works like a charm.

I take my everyday vitamins, which consist of B-12, B-6, Vitamin D and Vitamin C.

I drink loads and loads of water never ever drink any juices or sodas except for the occasional vodka and bourbon. I exercise twice a day mainly sit-ups. I do not belong to a gym, it’s not my style. I walk everywhere. I don’t drive. I split my time between LA and NY and don’t need to have a car.  A car is like having a human electric baby no thank you.

My scent of woman is TokyoMilk by Margot Elena  – Eden # 3 I drink it by the gallon the perfume is located at one of my favorite Los Feliz shops – Leap located on Vermont Ave – Beverly the owner is wonderful.

My hair is just straight, long and dark. I use Pantene – Frizzy to Smooth (not to fancy) (My hair is actually really curly but you would never know.)  Best place I go for a blow out is Bon Bon’s in NY over on 37th & 3rd, Vivian is awesome.  Best coloring is by Jenda in Los Angeles over at Warren-Tricomi Salon -she works miracles. If you want a sexy Brigitte Bardot haircut go to the amazing Sweet 9 Salon over on Melrose – owner Dawn is bad ass. 

I love to cook. You can ask any of my friends their bellies are plenty full when they come to my dinner parties. I eat everything except bread and pasta. I am a huge meat eater and lots of veggies. I’m Puerto Rican and make everything pork, plantains, rice and beans to my homemade eggplant parm. Marinara sauce I can’t live without is RAO’s which comes from the amazing restaurant located in NY.  When not cooking I go over to Little Dom’s in Los Feliz where I’m obsessed with their Rice Balls and Meatballs and over to Bar Covell (Los Feliz) love the east coast vibe – the vino, owners and staff are a true delight.

Clothing is just stuff I make up I may go out wearing the Theo Huxtable shirt to just jeans and vest. I’m a tomboy at heart but I do wear red lipstick from time to time.  

That’s all Folks!  XO 🙂

Cristina says about her art: life inspirations dedicated to my uncle Ruben Gonzalez who passed away from AIDS
taught me life is beautiful even when it’s not so easy

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Donna Lethal

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